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Pine Nut Caprese Salad

Summer is here. Which means it’s socially acceptable to eat thick pieces of cheese and call it a salad. I mean who doesn’t love a good caprese salad!? What sets this recipe apart from your standard caprese is the pine nuts and sweet balsamic glaze. I brought this to bookclub recently and it was gone within ten minutes. Which just so happens to be the time it takes to make!

Broccoli Fritters

Happy New Year! With every new year comes resolutions, majority of which revolve around being healthier. I always try to eat relatively healthy, but after the holidays I am need of some serious detoxing. One of my resolutions is to pay attention to ingredients, and make simpler, whole foods.

Heirloom Tomato and Kale Galette

Last week I had the sudden urge to make a ton of homemade pie dough to have in my freezer for future baking endeavors. Yes, these are my Friday nights now. However, I have a mixed relationship with homemade dough. I once spent 3+ hours trying to perfect a pie crust that just would not roll out without falling apart…

Creamy Smoked Salmon Stuffed Avocados

Is there anything better than a perfectly ripe avocado? Why yes, yes there is. A creamy smoked salmon stuffed avocado. I have been seeing stuffed avocados pop up on food blogs and menus a lot recently. Tuna salad stuffed avocados, caprese stuffed avocados, egg stuffed avocados, etc…