Hi! I’m Sarah White. Welcome to my blog, Bear Kitch. The purpose of Bear Kitch is to make cooking more approachable, and most importantly fun! 

This blog primarily features healthy, plant and fish based recipes that will have you second guessing your takeout menu. That being said, I try to make my recipes very friendly to the potential addition of meat, and I will feature meat dishes every once in a while to keep things interesting (and my boyfriend aka taste-tester happy).

And what about me? Why do I love cooking so much? It allows me to be creative! And I genuinely love the sense of accomplishment that comes from preparing something that turns out positively delicious. I’ve had a passion for cooking my whole life. I am my happiest brainstorming a new recipe and experimenting in the kitchen. 

What makes me qualified to tell you how to cook? I’m just as qualified as you! Practice, reading, studying and trial and error has gotten me to where I am in the kitchen today, so put on your chef's hat and grab a spatula!

You may notice that I don’t use exact measurements all the time. Like I said, the goal of this blog is to make cooking more approachable. And for you to learn what a handful or a pinch looks, and most importantly, tastes like. 

Why Bear Kitch? My name is Sarah, and my family almost never addresses me by my actual name. Always (awkwardly) Bear. Clearly, I've learned to embrace it. Welcome to my kitchen!